It’s the time of the year where the whole world changes color! The leaves start to fall, fireplaces are lit, and the air starts to become crisper. There’s no better way to spend this time than to take weekend getaways in the Midwest. This is one of the most beautiful areas during the fall time, colors ranging from yellow to orange. It’s a beautiful, romantic atmosphere to get away with your honey and spend some quality time together.

Innsbrook Resort is the epitome of a Midwestern retreat and is the perfect destination for one of many weekend getaways in the Midwest. There’s so much to do here, and we want you to enjoy every second of it!

Weekend Getaways in the Midwest, Sarah Bernard Vacation Rentals at Innsbrook

Romantic Fall Activities for Weekend Getaways in the Midwest

When choosing your getaway destination, there’s no better place than the Sarah Bernard Vacation Rentals at Innsbrook. Besides relaxing in the comfort of your Chalet rental, there are loads of activities to do this fall in and around the resort:

  • Take a Scenic Hike- We know that half the reason you take weekend getaways to the Midwest is to see the beautiful nature that it offers. So, the first thing that we suggest is to really explore the outdoors, and there’s no better way than to take a hike on one of our seven beautiful hiking trails. This is a great way for you and your loved one to reconnect!
  • Go to a Pumpkin Patch- Nothing says fall more than a pumpkin patch! Check out the nearby Pumpkins Galore, with a 100 acres of pumpkins and tons of different activities during the fall season.
  • Head to the Winery- No weekend getaway in the Midwest is complete without a trip to the wineries! Head to the Cedar Lake Cellars for a wine tasting and enjoy the view. After all, enjoying a glass of wine is the key to any romantic vacation.
  • Stay In- Cook a meal in the kitchen and enjoy each other’s company over food and a glass of wine. Then, go ahead and light the fire in the fireplace and cuddle up together. Watch a movie and enjoy one another’s company!

When you’re in a relationship, it’s important to schedule downtime so you can relax and spend time with each other. The constant motion of your day-to-day lives can cause stress and even pull a couple apart. Take a moment to get back to the basics: just the two of you.

So, if you’re dreaming of romantic weekend getaways in the Midwest, choose Sarah Bernard Vacation Rentals for your home away from home!

Weekend Getaways in the Midwest, Sarah Bernard Vacation Rentals at Innsbrook

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