Love is in the air! It’s that time of year again where we want to show our love and affection to our significant other. What better way than a romantic vacation? However,

planning a romantic vacation can cause a lot of stress, between trying to find the perfect location and what to do when you’re there. There are a lot of different factors that are involved with the perfect romantic vacation and we’ve put together a list of tips to help you out!

The first question is: Where? During the winter months it can be tempting to go to the tropics to escape the bite of the cold. But actually, a vacation in a colder climate can enhance the romance for you. Taking a trip to a secluded chalet or cottage gives you the privacy you may crave as a couple. Between kids, in-laws and friends you may not have much alone time together anymore. Go somewhere that you can have that alone time while still having the amenities of a home. Get back to just the two of you and reconnect with each other.

At Sarah Bernard Vacation Rentals at Innsbrook we offer the seclusion you look for in a romantic getaway with the amenities of a resort.

Indoor and Outdoor Romantic Adventures

  • Wine tasting – Nothing is quite as romantic as going to the vineyard and sipping on wine while you enjoy the comfort of your favorite person. There are quite a few vineyards near Innsbrook to discover.
  • Hiking – Hiking as a couple can be very romantic. You get to take in the beautiful views with the one you love. Bring along a thermos full of hot chocolate to enjoy together. There are numerous trails of different skill levels to enjoy a romantic scenic hike that gets your blood pumping!
  • Restaurant – Enjoy a romantic meal together at the Clubhouse restaurant. Connect with each other again over a drink and delicious food. This may be something you don’t have the opportunity to do often in your day-to-day lives so take advantage!
  • Enjoy a night inside Our chalets are equipped with a fireplace and a TV. Enjoy a cozy night in front of the fireplace curled up together with some wine and a romantic movie.
  • Go offline – In today’s society we spend more time looking at our phones than looking at each other. Try shutting off your phones for the weekend or, if you’re worried about not being available for emergencies, then leave them on, but out of your hands. Really spend the time together, try cooking a romantic meal with each other and talking with each other over that meal. Reconnecting with your loved one is easier without the distractions of social media.

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