Winter vacations are one of the most magical times to spend with your loved ones. With the cold and snowy weather outside, it just makes sense to drink some hot cocoa and snuggle up on the couch with your significant other! Families have joyous times celebrating the holidays, and it’s truly the season of coming together.

winter vacations

At the Sarah Bernard Vacation Rentals in Innsbrook, you can have magical winter vacations with friends, family, and loved ones! With tons of amenities and a gorgeous, exciting resort right outside your rental home, this winter can be the season for your dream getaway.

Some Places are Especially Exciting in the Winter!

During winter vacations, Innsbrook and the surrounding areas are chock-full of fun activities and memorable excursions – and some things simply feel more magical in the wintertime.

winter vacations

  • Pick out your tree at Christmas Traditions Tree Farm: From Thanksgiving through December, you can go pick out a tree for your home! You can also bring your kids here to visit Santa, go on hayrides, and browse the gift shop.
  • Go to the Movies with your Significant Other: Instead of braving the frosty weather outside, take your loved ones inside to the movie theaters nearby! There are two options near Innsbrook: Warrenton 8 Cinema if you are excited for the newest blockbuster film, and the old-fashioned Belle Star Playhouse and Cinema for family films, live music, and more!
  • Visit a charming historic town: Get bundled up and explore some of the historic towns near Innsbrook with unique attractions, novelty shops, vineyards, and more! Check out Washington or Hermann to see the beauty of historic, rural Missouri.

Or, Stay Bundled Up Inside!

With the Sarah Bernard Vacation Rentals, you’ll find it hard to leave the comfort of your home when you’re on winter vacations! Our rental properties are equipped for maximum comfort and privacy, so you can share your holiday season with your family and loved ones in peace and tranquility.

winter vacations

  • Bring your furry pals: Our chalets and many attractions at Innsbrook are pet-friendly, so you can make sure your entire family gets to enjoy the vacation. Instead of worrying about sending your dog to the kennel for a week, you can bring your fur babies along as you reside in one of our beautiful chalets!
  • Privacy is everything: Have you ever been to a hotel and felt upset with the loud music or voices from other rooms? Lack of comfort and privacy is never going to be a worry in our chalets. During this winter season, you can share your joy with your family and loved ones in peace, and just relax!
  • Cook to your heart’s content: All of our chalets come with fully equipped kitchens. Building a gingerbread house with your kids? Totally doable! Making a romantic breakfast for your significant other? We’ve got you covered. Bring your ingredients and we’ll provide the rest!
  • Entertainment galore: If you don’t want to venture out into the cold to visit the movies during your winter vacations, just watch one at home! Many of our rental homes come equipped with entertainment systems for you to kick back and watch your favorite shows, or important sports games.
  • Enjoy the gorgeous views: Whether your chalet is nestled cozily in the woods or right next to a lake, you’ll absolutely be charmed when you look out the window!

Book a Chalet for the Winter Vacations of Your Dreams!

A gorgeous chalet is just a click away! If you’d like to learn more about renting or purchasing an Innsbrook vacation rental of your own, you’ve come to the right place! Our full-time certified second-home specialists can help your dreams come true. We can assist you with you buying, managing, or renting. Contact us today if you would like to rent a chalet or are interested in buying an Innsbrook Resort home. 314-780-9070