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✨ Plan a one-of-a-kind nature getaway! ✨ Take advantage of our current promotions for both winter and early spring! ✨ Click HERE to get started!

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Sell Your Innsbrook Home

A Competitive Advantage

The Sarah Bernard Realty Team does more than simply “list” your home. With superior marketing and business acumen, our full-time team knows the importance of marketing your Innsbrook Resort property in order to sell your home. Our experienced realtors and associates are equipped with the marketing tools and expertise to ensure that your property is presented to an audience of qualified and interested buyers.

Our luxury and vacation home real estate marketing is designed to give you an on-trend competitive edge. We show the opulence of your property in its best light to increase interest and engage your audience, both online and off. The Sarah Bernard Realty Team acts exclusively on behalf of your unique needs and provides maximum discretion when helping market and sell your Innsbrook Resort home.
Our full-time realty team has vast experience in the Innsbrook and St. Louis real estate market. We know what sells these unique homes, and just as importantly – we know what doesn’t. When you meet with us, you are given the utmost respect and attention as we get to know you, your needs, and your goals for selling your Innsbrook woodland, lakefront, golf, or country estate.

What is Your Home Worth?

Find Out Now!

Selling your home or luxury estate is a huge life-changing decision and should be handled as a business transaction, yet with care and understanding. That’s why we provide nothing focused, VIP client service with a personal touch. We make the selling process as easy as possible right from the start. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation and find out what your home is worth.

Our Marketing Process

Full-Time Realtors with Innsbrook Expertise

Our entire Sarah Bernard realty Team has a steadfast commitment to excellence, client care, and respect for your time. We take great pleasure in helping you, our valued client, sell your primary residence or vacation home with ease.

Our unique process starts as soon as you contact us and we get to know you and your goals. We come to your home, do a comprehensive walk-through, and come up with a custom marketing plan and thorough strategy. This includes research, pricing, staging, marketing, industry data, and a top-notch online presence — with the objective of a quick and efficient sale at the highest selling price.
The Sarah Bernard Realty Team is a full-time team of licensed realtors and support staff led by Sarah herself. Sarah’s successful real estate and property management business, Executive MBA from Washington University, and her own Innsbrook Resort Chalet ownership give her unique skills and insider’s expertise into Innsbrook real estate. Her team will help you sell your property in a seamless, professional manner.


Sell Your St. Louis or Innsbrook Home

No-Obligation Consultation

The Sarah Bernard Realty Team specializes in St. Louis neighborhoods from the Central West End to Lake St. Louis, and primary and weekend homes at Innsbrook Resort. Additionally, we are global and will work with you and our referring agent team, on any purchase or sale throughout the world. We make it very easy to get started – please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation, complimentary consultation.

Complimentary Seller's Consultation

Sarah Bernard Realty Team, powered by RedKey Realty Leaders, is in the top 10 in market share in the St. Louis area. RedKey has consistently and significantly outperformed the market in both closed sales volume and days on market. Our agents’ abilities to help buyers and sellers reach their goals has helped us become the fastest growing brokerage in St. Louis. Contact us for your complimentary consultation today.

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