Most of the time, you hear people talking about taking their vacations in the summertime. It’s considered the ideal time of year for a break. These people have never experienced the beauty of Midwestern autumn and fall vacations.

With the gorgeous sights of the leaves changing color and that wonderful crisp scent in the air! Everyone should go on a fall vacation if they can, and there’s no better place than Innsbrook.

Take a Scenic Hike

Fall is the perfect time of year to go hiking. At Innsbrook, there are seven different trails, all with beautiful scenic views! You won’t have the excessive heat from the summer, and it’s not too cold that you have to deal with snow or slush. There’s nothing quite like a hillside covered in dark shades of reds and oranges.

If hiking isn’t your thing, take a horse for a ride out on the trails. You can experience the same beauty with a little less effort on your part!

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Experience the Seasonal Activities

During fall vacations, you should take advantage of the season and experience some of the things you only can during the fall. Visit the nearby pumpkin patch at Pumpkins Galore! They have 100 acres of pumpkins and tons of different activities for all ages! Try going around Halloween time for fun Halloween themes at the pumpkin patch.

Enjoy a Wine Tasting

A fun adult activity we recommend is enjoying a wine tasting at one of the nearby wineries. It’s a beautiful time of the year; enjoy it while sipping a glass of wine with someone you love! If you have your kids, but you’d still like to enjoy this activity, the Quarry Wine Garden is family and pet friendly! With options for everyone, the whole family can have a good time!

Stay in the Chalet

The great outdoors is not that great for everyone. Some people prefer to stay inside, which is totally fine! Inside or outside, we have you covered at Sarah Bernard Vacation Rentals! We aim to make this your best fall vacation, so we provide you with the comforts of home while you stay with us. We have Satellite TV and Wifi in many of our chalets and stone fireplaces to keep you cozy and warm.

You could also check out the resorts fitness center, clubhouse, and country store for more indoor activities during your stay!

Enjoy Your Fall Vacation at Innsbrook Resort

We want your vacation to be perfect, so we do everything we can to help you plan the perfect vacation! We offer full service, family and pet-friendly accommodations, planning and concierge service, so all you need to do is dial the phone! Contact us to get started right away. Call 314-410-8664 now! We can’t wait to have you enjoy our chalets!