Usually, when people plan a getaway, they think about taking time off around a weekend. How many times have you scheduled to take off Friday and Monday for a long weekend? Guess what? Everyone has the same idea. To take a break, think about a weekday getaway where you can relax and recharge somewhere peaceful and tranquil.

At Sarah Bernard Vacation Rentals in Innsbrook, we have the perfect accommodations to make your stay exactly as you want. We know that planning a vacation can be stressful and time-consuming. We want to minimize that stress and are here to help you plan a relaxing weekday getaway – no matter if you want to escape for one, two, or more days.

Why Should You Choose Innsbrook for Your Weekday Getaway?

There are many reasons to choose Innsbrook for a weekday getaway, one of which is that it is located within a short distance of St. Louis. It makes it easy to take a quick trip when the destination is so close!

Innsbrook Resort is surrounded by nature and creates a beautiful atmosphere for you to relax in. There are over 150 lakes and miles of trails that you are welcome to enjoy. There’s no other place quite like it. There’s also plenty of family-friendly activities for everyone to partake in.

You can also enjoy our secluded and private chalets at Sarah Bernard Vacation Rentals, so you can relax in comfort and enjoy your time undisturbed by others. Spend your time with nature or relaxing inside. Either way, you’ll love your time here!

Use Nature to Destress

A study at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health found that a natural environment allowed people to leave the stressors of their everyday lives behind and instead focus on something purer. Innsbrook Resort has an abundance of nature to immerse yourself in. Allow the world around you to help you let go of the tensions that have built up.

Water can also be a very relaxing outlet. Just being near water can help put you in a different mindset and can help soothe your worries. Try spending some time on or near the water while you’re here. You’ll come away refreshed and feeling relaxed!

Hiking has been proven to improve your health as well as your mood! It combines being out in nature with exercise, which works together to help you wash the stress off of you and giving you an overall sense of wellbeing as a result. Sounds great, right? Well, Innsbrook offers seven different trails for you to choose from depending on your skill level. We can accommodate anywhere from a beginner to an avid hiker.

Fully Equipped Chalets

A weekday getaway can also be about a change of scenery to help you be more productive, better engaged, and improve your overall happiness.

If you are looking for a weekday retreat where you can stay connected to work, all our chalets are WIFI-equipped to make remote working easy.

Choose Sarah Bernard Vacation Rentals in Innsbrook for your next Weekday Getaway

At Sarah Bernard Vacation Rentals, we want to provide you with a relaxing stay where you can destress and get back to normal. If you want to include your furry friend in your getaway, ask about our pet-friendly accommodations. Book online or call (314) 410-8664 now!